definition of a hero Essay

meaning of a leading man

Nov 19, 2013

Essay #1, Revision

My Own Meaning of a Main character

What is a hero? To me a hero can be not someone with very powers or perhaps the ability to fly. Heroes in my opinion are just ordinary people. A leading man is someone who is a great motivation, someone who can be selfless, and someone who makes an impact. Characters are people who inspire other folks to do superb things in order to better themselves. Heroes do not go along with what everyone else is performing. They are frontrunners not fans; such as the wonderful Rosa Parks, the woman whom refused to stop her chair to a light person. Your woman stood on with herself while also making a movement for others. Her doing so as well helped start the end towards the segregation regulations in the to the south. Many heroes like Insieme Parks generate themselves stick out to everybody else by doing something extraordinary. For example , police officers are an inspiration to everyone. Law enforcement officers put all their lives on the line every time they may be on duty. That they seek out scammers to secure the welfare and our security. Police officers don’t have " superhuman” abilities; that they just have the cabability to do all their duty towards citizens. Another characteristic of your hero is that he or she is non selfish, putting everybody before himself or their self. A hero is happy to risk her or his own life to save someone else's. Great instances of selflessness happen to be our very own males and females in the military. These men and women leave their loved ones and good friends to travel across the world to defend people who they have under no circumstances even fulfilled. There are a lot of these types of heroes who even sacrifice their lives doing them. These people are just like us, other than they are struggling to secure each of our everyday lifestyle and our freedom, something which they do not must do. Lastly, a fantastic characteristic of a hero is someone who makes an impact about people's lives. There are of the heroes out there. We just do not think about these works of closeness when we see them. These heroes will be in the most common places just like...