Essay about Culture and variety

Culture and variety

Culture and Diversity

The Traditions Of Our Region And An agenda To Promote Equality|

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Andrea M. Dye


The United States of America was founded on " liberty and justice for all” while quoted from the Declaration of Independence. Although we words were written there many where slavery, genocide, discrimination, prejudice, stereotyping and many others forms of separation provides kept persons unequal. During the period of this category I have discovered many things regarding diversity in the usa that has helped me understand others in many different methods than I use in the past. I use learned about my own cultural history, immigration, issues, and ways to resolve any issues that may well arise in our country.

Something that I have learned about my own cultural background is the amount of elegance towards other folks of different nationalities and races dating all the way up back to the first colonist. Genocide, slavery, and segregation have affected us as being a country. The first colonist forced the Native Americans away of their property into a seperated part of the nation. Slavery occurred when People in the usa brought African Americans for this country saying they were a lower race of folks that deserved to provide the causation race. By simply understanding the dark side of the earlier, I was able to see the aim reasons as to why there were motions, laws and organizations designed for the equality of all persons one by one. I had been able to see the emotions that backed the force so that I could better relate to those from other cultures. With the trends of immigration, more people from other types of experience, nationalities, religions, etc . should come to this nation. The United States can become more diverse and i also...

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