п»їAhnaf Rafid Prof. Richard Potter

Assignment # 3

ENC 1101

26th October 2012

Influence of role types

We are surviving in a technical era, in which we can get access easily to our tabloids and follow the most popular shows, browse gossips about celebrities and chat in social sites. We live in a world where individuals are obsessed regarding entertainment. These kinds of celebrities have got big effect on children. Celebrities become a super replicator. They persuade their fans to acquire thin physique because of that lot of teenagers learn to diet and suffer from different varieties of diseases. Celebs also place catastrophic chemicals in their body system. Most of the people are certainly not satisfied with their overall appearance because superstars raised the line of splendor. People select their favorite movie star as their position model. Role models have positive and negative sides but as a fan people have to consider the positives. We all love to be different. People always want to be special and popular. We often relate to celebrities more than our own friends or perhaps neighbor. We believe they are alluring because they will buy or do what they wish. The reason behind persons like to imitate their favorite celebrity is because we like to fantasize that our lives could become like theirs. For an illustration, soccer player Bautizado Ronaldo (in short kind CR) is actually a role style for lots of young young adults, especially those who are soccer fans. His transfer by Manchester United soccer team to the True Madrid C. F. for £80 million and was the reason he became known to lots of people. This individual became the priciest soccer player of all time. He gets €12 million annually and this individual has €1 billion buy out clause in his contract. This individual changed the rand name of sports and took the game in another level. Selection the game to look more intense. His silky and tricky playing style can be described as treat to observe. He was the first ever participant to get all the key PFA and FWA honours and also the first ever player to...