Cold Warfare Cuba Worksheet 10 Research Paper

Cold War Cuba Worksheet 10

Cold War: Cuba

The Cuban Missile Crisis

Worksheet 10

Extended Writing Article

Amber Fox-Martin



1945 – Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombing

49 – Soviet Union evolves atomic bomb

1959 – Fidel Castro takes charge of Cuba using a Coup

1960 – US spots trade embargo on Tanque

1961 – US break diplomatic relations with Cuba (Steps taken by America ‘declared war', Cuba all set to revolt) 17 April 1961 – 1500 Cuban bannissement land on Bay of Domestic swine; intention overthrowing Castro Sept. 2010 1962 – Soviets outfitted Cuba with missiles, containers and radar vans March 1962 – U2 American Spy Airplane flew over Cuba and saw missiles. American Reaction to missiles on Cuba

Team of advisors helped bring together by simply Kennedy – civilians and military officers Option – blockade or perhaps air hits on the missile sites.

Kennedy acquired many options – had to choose knowledgeably to prevent elemental war Selected blockade of USSR delivers carrying missiles. would drain all boats that entered quarantine region (blockade) Required Soviet Union to pull away missiles in Cuba

Kennedy Triumph

Youngest American president surely could prove himself

After bay of pigs defeat – shown because successful this time round Kennedy remained relaxed and accumulated

Kennedy proven cynics wrong

Kennedy prevented a nuclear battle from going on

The USSR would withdraw missiles in Cuba

Khrushchev Victory

Leader to have success Stalin, demonstrated himself being as good of any leader Khrushchev succeeded in keeping Emborrachar a Communist State

Khrushchev didn't start a war

America withdrew all their missiles in Turkey and ended the blockade pen a) Cuban History needs to be understood in the context of European Background the Second World War. It is because the two capabilities (USSR and the USA) that had been involved in the Ww2 were also mixed up in Cuban Conflict. The hands race between America and the Soviet Union played a task in elevating the tension that was later seen in Cuba.

This anxiety and...