Conflict Resoluton in the Classroom Exploration Paper

Conflict Resoluton in the Classroom


Adding Conflict Resolution

Melinda McCray

Concordia University


As a teacher, it is important that My spouse and i not only know how to effectively provide the curriculum to my students, but to also be able to efficiently manage my personal classroom. Handling the classroom is not just composing disciplinary recommendations or assigning detentions, although also includes producing the proactive decision to prevent and reduce conflicts as they arise in their classroom. While almost all conflicts clearly cannot be eliminated, teachers must be instrumental in guiding learners to solving their disputes. Thomas Lickona (1991) splashes on guiding students through conflicts. This individual writes, " even if pupils have the good thing about a turmoil curriculum, social skill training… many can still have problems applying these learnings… In these situations the teacher usually has three tasks: (1) Helping pupils understand… (2) Helping college students work out a good solution… and (3) Supporting children practice the behavioral skills…. (294-295). While some of the suggestions is probably not applicable to high school students in most cases, I think that Lickona's recommendations have merit. In my class room, I could absolutely incorporate aiding my pupils practice good behavioral skills. I would certainly focus on the moral facets of discipline and behavior, mainly because students can easily relate to the way they would like to end up being treated, making use of the " what if” situation. Morality of mind is often an incentive to encourage a child to behave in the proper way. Community involvement is not always that simple at my school, but using our parent liaison is actually a step in that direction. Could be the addition could get in touch with the parents when teachers simply cannot. Lickona(1991) suggests that observant teachers know the scenarios that trigger situations, (295) as one this kind of teacher, using effective resolve conflicts strategies such, one-on-one...

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