Essay in Conclusions Of Research

Conclusions Of Analysis

Conclusions of research

Valuable first-hand knowledge of the industry when the products to be used was received through speaking with physiotherapists and doctors. Finished questionnaires can be obtained from the appendix. An NHS muscular skeletal physiotherapist, Mrs R Townsend, said that the most common area this wounderful woman has to restore is the knee. This is most often done through stretches and slowly raising joint range through the use of a theraband. Various other products can be obtained to carry out these exercises nevertheless she mentioned that your woman finds these people over manufactured which leads her to recommend the use of household objects like cushions to stand on to increase steadiness and power and skateboards to increase knees flexibility. This may lead to a gap within a market while using elderly who often you do not have equipment like skateboards and already have lowered mobility and stability and thus using the cushions could be risky. Another difference in the market she pointed out was children, although this is a little market. Doctor E Lindell answered a similar questionnaire and although she gets limited encounter in therapy she explained that therapy involves exercises and comparable exercises, agreeing with Mrs Townsend. In another questionnaire more tailored to her job your woman states post-surgery rehabilitation is a large location for rehab and that the hardest may be individuals with depressive disorder or circumstances that decrease the motivation to complete exercises. Exploration into health conditions that cause weakening in the leg muscles located muscular dystrophy to be a wide ranging condition impacting on thousands of people in the UK. Further exploration was not considered necessary while the product was to be created for patients with ‘weakened lower leg muscle' and so the cause of this kind of weakness was not important. Exploration was designed in different types of activity in the legs and foot. This resulted in the conclusion that the product that was to always be later created would need to end up being consistent to move in times ways: 1 The...