Comparison of Town Life  Country Life Essay

Comparison of Town Your life & Nation Life

Life in Medieval Towns and Cities

In urban areas there was clearly essentially freedom within the surfaces. When towns and neighborhoods received their very own charters, some freedom was gained, but it really was rarely ever a democratic society.

Inhabitants and Downtown Environment

Old cities were extremely small by our standards. Greater london had only 10, 000-100, 000 residents during the middle ages. Cities had been geographically small with the normal about 1 square mile with three hundred, 000 residents. The roads were exceptionally narrow and unpaved; mud was prevalent. Sometimes the main street and market sq . were cobble stoned. Urban centers and larger towns were generally surrounded by a wall, which will enhanced the separation among urban and rural, nevertheless the fields regularly came to the wall. For people who live in cities would help rural people who came to the location for marketplace.


The guild hall was a large building and was usually the building that housed town protection until the late dark ages when cannons were launched. Churches were the largest properties especially in tall cities. Cathedrals were it of the bishops of a diocese. Generally there had been several parish churches and castles that straddled the city walls together with the main gateway to the city. Space was at reduced. Houses had been tiny and clustered closely together. If a story was added to a family house the second history projected out over the initially, and so on. The results were that houses facing each other on opposite factors of the avenue nearly achieved in the middle as well as the houses formed a tunnel-like passage method over the road. The initially floor generally housed the artisans shop with living rooms on the upper floors. These types of houses were made of wood; therefore , they will burned frequently. Fire was obviously a constant threat in middle ages cities and towns.

Sanitation and Health

Contents of chamber cooking pots were emptied into the roads. With off-road streets this kind of presented a messy issue. With a hefty rain you could hope for a flushing actions to...