Cirtial Zoom lens Essay Antigone and Romeo and Juliet

Cirtial Lens Essay Antigone and Romeo and Juliet

J. T. Von Goethe once stated, " Not any two individuals regard the world in the identical way…” On this planet no two minds will be alike, because think about it. If perhaps everyone thought the same this kind of place would be a boring place. No one would have preference and most likely points would possibly go by slower, according to what everyone thinks. L. W. Vonseiten Goethe is trying to say certainly not everyone's the fact is the same. For example , people who reside in the poorer nations in the united states. They have matured in lower income and have all the; but in the richer parts what might be normal to enable them to have, is actually a only yet a dream to get a child less fortunate than they may be. J. Watts. Von Goethe is trying to express that the fact is but an view, not a simple fact. Only because we do not grow up around the same things, some of us have it less difficult and some people have it harder. But gowns what makes this world an interesting place, but as well makes two people regard the world in two immensely different methods. In the brief story " Antigone” By simply Sophocles and " The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet” By Shakespeare, that shows the differentiation of the thought process among adolescents and adults. What an adolescent may possibly this is the right thing to do will most likely differ towards what an adult thinks, most of the time because of experience.

I agree with this quotation; only because I think that our perspective differs. Two people are able to see an apple on a table and think two completely different things. Which are usual, people often interpret items in different ways due to past experiences or important incidents that have occurred in his/her life span. It could had been traumatizing or very effective towards a person. I guess you can claim a person who has more experience tend to have a more educated outlook in ideas. But young people are recognized for making errors, due to not enough experience.

Inside the short tale " Antigone” By Sophocles, he displays a vast big difference in how people believe in the world. They may be...