Chinese Education System Essay

Oriental Education Program


Hello, everyone. Keep in mind last time that we reviewed the education system in the US, and also you guys are very interested in the Chinese education. Therefore , today, I will present the world's largest education system plus the one that My spouse and i am many familiar with, the Chinese education system. Let me first let you know the features in the system, and after that explain the origin, and assess its positives and negatives at last. Details

First of all, compare to the education program at here, we have a number of features in China. College time


ExaChinese Education System


So , you could wondering why we certainly have such a cruel education system. Well, the reason should certainly back to a history of the education system and the National Advanced schooling Entrance Exam. History

The National Advanced schooling Entrance Exam

Finally, following knowing these kinds of information about the Oriental Education, precisely what is the pros and cons than it? Pros. (friendship, sprit, memorable experience)

Downsides. (machine, sigle)


To conclude, the Chinese education system has many differences with American, and this method is formed by simply our culture and society's condition. It has a lot of advantages, but nonetheless has very much need to boost. Through this kind of speech, I just want you fellas to learn more about the Chinese education and learn how the people's lives are several in the world. At this point, I believe would need to know more about China, I really hope you enjoy this and i want to thank listening.


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