Essay regarding Childhood Overweight Annotated Bib

Childhood Weight problems Annotated Bib

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Annotated bibliography- Kid Obesity in the united states

Taras, They would., Potts-Datema, T. (2005) Weight problems and student performance in school. Log of School Overall health, 75, 291-295. Retrieved Oct 4, 2006 from EBSCO (8) This Journal discusses obesity between school-aged kids and academic outcomes. The authors reviewed published studies investigating obesity, school efficiency, and costs of college student absenteeism. The book is recent (2005) so I think that the information supplied will still be the similar to today. I feel this really is relevant to my personal research since it proves that obesity may cause problems consist of important aspects of life. It also provides extremely satisfying details that will backside my exploration very well.

Okie, Leslie. Fed Up!: Successful the Conflict against Childhood Obesity. Buenos aires, D. C: Joseph Holly Press, 2006. Print. This guide examines a number of the factors causing childhood obesity, such as poor diet, not enough exercise, suburban sprawl, and TV, and offers advice on how parents could make positive changes. It mostly focuses on problems within America. It addresses a wide variety of topics with the main topic of obesity, which I think I will find good for my analysis as all these factors bring about.

Dalton, Sharron. The Overweight Children: What Parents, Schools, and Communities Can Do to manage the Fatness Epidemic. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2004. Print. This book looks at what's at the rear of the statistics and diagnoses, and considers what can be done about the health problems threatening American children. Dalton begins while using basics: what obesity can be, what causes it, and why it matters. Adding information coming from scientific and popular resources, she reviews current diet and exercise recommendations for healthy living, comparing these kinds of recommendations with everyday facts experienced by American families. I feel this book will be best for all standard...