Challenges encounter by Small-scale Industries Essay

Challenges encounter by Small-scale Industries

1) Finance and credit.

2) Infrastructural restrictions.

3) Inverted tariff framework and raw material availability.

4) machines and instruments.

5) Problem of marketing.

6)Delayed payments.

7) Problem of sickness.

8) Adverse effects of economic reconstructs and globalization.

9) Various other problems.

Advertising problems of small scale industrial sectors

Small scale units are exposed to several problems. Major problems faced by these kinds of units happen to be concerning raw-material, labor economic and promoting. Problem of marketing is more difficult in case of small-scale industries. These units happen to be in zero position to face the onslaught of large scale limits t. r. big t., quantity cost and quality and at the same time are not in a position to measure the prevailing market scenario (or) changes that happen to be taking place w. r. big t. tastes, taste, disliking, competition, technology etc . moreover these types of units do not possess the requisite expertise to modify their functions according to the altered situation.

1) Problem of standardization:

Small-scale units confront problems watts. r. capital t. fixing the criteria and adhering. This leads to the poor quality of their products and it detrimentally effects their very own image (or) goodwill available in the market.

2) Competition from mass units:

Small scale units are ill equipped to face competition from large scale units t. r. t. quantity, cost and quality. In the modern competitive world there is survival from the fittest, even the existence of small scale devices is endangered. 3) Poor sale campaign:

Small scale devices have limited financial resources and they cannot afford to invest more available for purchase promotion. These units are not having virtually any standard name brand under that they can sell goods. various route members also exploit all of them because of the insufficient goodwill of their products available in the market.

4) Poor bargaining power:

Small scale devices because of their limited resources and lower size of businesses are in a week location while negotiating with the suppliers...