Case Study BUHR Essay

Case Study BUHR


BUHR 260

Case Study #5


Stacey Hegwine 1st applied for a clerk/order band position in Longview Fiber Company's (Fibre) customer service office in 2001. The advertisement posted for the task and only mentioned that the organization desired an applicant with related experience or perhaps education, laptop abilities, and demonstrated conversation skills; the ad also did not point out a training or other physical necessity. It was noted in the the courtroom proceedings that Fibre got no noted job description. (Find A Case, 2006) Hegwine interviewed for the position with Fibre personnel Carlene Cox and Ron Samples on February of sixteen, 2001, throughout the interview Hegwine was informed that there was clearly a working out with requirement was 25 pounds.

Hegwine was offered the job contingent in successful completion of a physical assessment, nor was she was told what constituted " successful results”. She accomplished her test two days later on and in the filing out your medical history contact form she revealed she was pregnant. Inside the exam Doctor Ostrander likewise learned of her motherhood and instructed her to have her principal physician total her medical clearance. Her primary offered her measurement of over 20 pounds initially, and Hegwine reported pertaining to duty 2 days later, it was then that Cox found that Hegwine was pregnant, which will he dispatched Hegwine home until verification of her medical examination. Learning these details Longview Fiber increased the lifting requirements two extra times into a maximum of sixty pounds, professing it was a bona fide work-related qualification and rescinded her offer of employment because her since her availableness did not grant her to execute the job. Work analysis was completed by simply Margaret Rhodes, the The same Employment Chance Coordinator (EEOC), to determine the lifting requirements in this particular situation. " Rhodes relied for the information in Herron's third medical measurement form and did not (1) inform Hegwine or Herron that the work now acquired...

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