Managerial skills in the age of globalisation Essay

Bureaucratic skills in the era of globalisation

п»їTraditionally understood managerial abilities are not enough to be successful with time of globalization, flexible time markets and working in a global business environment.

There is also a wide range of sociable, conceptual and technical expertise that are immediately linked with good management of the organization: communication skills, preparing skills, project management skills, just to talk about a few. Nevertheless , in times of globalization, flexible labour markets and rapidly changing business environment these traditional skills turn out to be insufficient to be competitive within the global economic climate. The aforementioned feature gives rise to develop a higher common for leadership skills. Since an organization simply cannot achieve desired goals without skilled and engaged staff, a successful manager has to find equipment for determination and retention of top performing employees. Besides proper remuneration and constant feedback that contribute to determination, there is one more, meaning conjunction. I mean, a manager must find out his subordinates' career-oriented goals and ambitions in order to align these the organization's objectives. In the event employees understand there are development opportunities and a long lasting plan for all of them in the firm, they will think valued, encouraged and ready to stay and contribute to the organization's accomplishment. Moreover, controlling an organization in the time of globalization involves dealing with employees of diverse ethnicities. Consequently, it requires adopting a suitable management design, which is no more only the couple of the manager's choice determined by the business type, organizational framework or process nature. It is additionally the matter of culture - different employees' approaches to job, business, period or traditions. That is to say, distinct cultures need different supervision styles. Last but not least, in the period of the positive effect managers face new challenges, among others - cultural selection in the working environment and employees'...