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Case Study — Britvic


Founded as the British Vitamin Products Organization in the mid-nineteenth century on the market town of Chelmsford in Essex, the corporation changed its name to Britvic in 1971. The corporation began as little more than a home business-enterprise run from a chemist's shop. Soon the company was producing all sorts of soft drinks, including lemonades, nutrient waters, herbal remedies and nonalcoholic ales. 建立为英国维生素产品公司随着19世纪市场小镇切姆斯福德在埃塞克斯, 公司改变了名字在1971年)。该公司开始更倾向于一个家业务运行于药店。很快, 公司是生产各种软饮料, 包括lemonades, 矿泉水, 主音和不含酒精的爱丽斯。 That wasn't until 1938 which the Britvic variety of juices that individuals know today were 1st produced — thanks to Ralph Chapman, owner of the English Vitamin Products Organization. Recognising the Great Depression in the UK meant that most of his weakest customers required an affordable source of Vitamin C, he found a way to jar fruit juices so they stayed refreshing for longer with no addition of preservatives. His juices were sold in small glass containers which made certain easy transport. The idea was immediately successful but it was only in 1949 which the Britvic brand was officially launched in the marketplace. 直到1938年, 碧域范围的果汁, 我们知道今天是第一次生产——由于拉尔夫•查普曼的所有者英国维生素产品公司。由于认识到大萧条使得英国的很多他需要一个贫穷的消费者可负担得起的维生素C, 他发现了一个方法瓶果汁, 以便他们呆更长时间不加新鲜的防腐剂。他的果汁中出售小玻璃瓶, 确保容易运输。这个想法是立刻成功, 但是直到1949年, 碧域的品牌在市场中正式启动。

Inside the years following Second World War, Britvic went via strength to strength, creating a modern manufacturing plant in its home town of Chelmsford. In 1971, the British Vitamin Product Business formally became known as Britvic in recognition of its leading brand's appeal. In 1986, Canada Dry Rawlings came together with Britvic to create Britvic Soft Drinks. The company proceeded to buy the Tango manufacturer from Beechams and acquire great britain franchises of Pepsi and 7UP. In 1995 Britvic added Robinsons to the collapse and attained Orchid Refreshments, famous for their Amé, Aqua Libra and Purdey's Brands in 2k. Britvic bought the UK and Irish...