Booker Big t. Washington Exploration Paper

Booker T. Washington

*Booker T. Buenos aires & Blacks after* Slavery

Mar 8, 2010


Booker To. Washington believed that blacks should work at wealth rather than fighting to get civil privileges. Washington anxious the importance of using abilities to advance in society. This individual felt that over time, blacks would be the natural way integrated into society through superior social status. Washington likewise had a large number of critics of his job including the similarly controversial T. E. B. Dubois. In Washington's watch work and education were the key factors to the success of the recently freed slaves. To further apply these sights Washington along with George Campbell founded the Tuskegee Institute, that was a training school for blacks. It was in this article that poor blacks could have the opportunity to learn skills that would make them truly free. In Washington's words_, " The individual who can take a step that the community wants performed will, ultimately, make__ his way in spite of his race” _ (Washington, 1901, l. 55). Tuskegee had over 60 complexes and a great endowment of $3 , 000, 000 in 1915 at the time of Washington's death. Not surprisingly Washington experienced many experts both black and white. One of the notable was another black leader, Watts. E. B Dubois. Dubois's views opposed Washington's in that he thought African Us citizens should fight for civil rights. He sensed that blacks would get nowhere in the commercial or cost-effective world if they had no rights or equality on the legal level. Various blacks felt that Washington's approach was too traditional and that he was undermining all their goal intended for racial equality. White critics thought that an educated black would not work in the field but in reality opposed Dubois's vision of racial equality. Washington's perspective on blacks proved by least partially correct with all the success of Tuskegee Institute. Even with much opposition and lots of critics Washington held his ground and defended his opinion around the future accomplishment of African Americans. No matter what view you support you...