Ben Final Draft Essay

Ben Final Draft

Table of Articles





Laws and regulations4

Work regulations4


GDP/GDP growth rate5

Interest rates5

Unemployment rate6


Consumer behavior8

Religion factors8



Advancement potential9

Analysis and development9

Online shopping9


Politics analysis11

Monetary Analysis11

Cultural Analysis11

Scientific Analysis12






This kind of report can be drawn up for a request by the board of directors of Olay because they plan to build a stock and expand distribution internationally. Due to arguments in the previous meeting about created and producing countries to purchase, a PEST analysis has been accomplished between Chinese suppliers, a expanding country and South Korea, a produced country. Key purpose of this is to identify which country supplies the most take advantage of expansion. In political analysis, taxation, work regulations, regulations have been in comparison. In Economic Analysis interest levels, unemployment rates and GDP/GDP growth rates have been mentioned. In social analysis, consumer behaviour, religious beliefs factors and health have been studied. Last but not least, in technical analysis, innovation potential, buying online, research and development had been examined. After careful consideration and evaluation of the PEST evaluation, a bottom line has been manufactured regarding which in turn country is more beneficial. In addition to this, recommendations have already been provided at the conclusion of the survey for further assistance in the making decisions process. INTRO

" Sixty years old this year, Olay started your life in a Southern region African laboratory by a great ex-Unilever employee called Graham Wulff. Olive oil of Olay was originally a thicker pink water which was advertised as an anti-ageing 'beauty fluid'. In the early 1970s the range widened to include many skincare products, and the organization was bought by Procter & Chance in the mid-80s. In 1999 the fact that was called Essential oil of Ulay in the UK, Petrol of Olaz in other European countries and Oil of Ulan in Australia, became known as simply Olay all over the world. It is now sold in 80 countries worldwide to the estimated 70 million women. Today, Olay is one of the many recognizable brands in the world”. (Olay, good Olay, 2013) Our new anti getting older product Olay wrinkle-free is definitely targeted for a man. The main substances in this cream are glycerine, niacinamide and SODIUM PEG-7 OLIVE OIL CARBOXYLATE. This cream can decrease the look of fine lines and wrinkles with plumping hydration. (Olay, 2013) Not only girls need smooth and brighter skin for appearance. Nowadays, men likewise require brighter skin's for their appearance. Nowadays, we all cannot picture our your life without having make-up and every person is in property of cosmetic makeup products - regardless of gender, age group, interpersonal position and monetary status. Even more precisely, in the modern day universe, with this type of frantic pace of existence people are not able to carry on with no makeup. The environmental scenario of individuals are of constant pressure and struggling to take the correct food- more or less everything detrimentally affecting the healthiness of the skin. Therefore , for a healthful skin, maintain face and body is essential. We as a business advisor company Olay, which usually makes cosmetic things. Here is a solution, where the firm is usually to wide open a completely fresh branch. The option we've got decided to open a new branch in China or South Korea. We examine the 2 countries which the initial is better and meets most requirements to open a new branch use concerning pest. PEST Analysis consists of four factors, that are Political, Economic, Cultural and Technology. Because you want to compare which country much more preferable to open up a new part, we review the conditions of component that explain the products a country's Bug elements. The much more px,...

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