At the Crossroads Essay

At the Crossroads

At the Crossroads- Returning to EDSA-Taft Method

Many individuals roaming the streets, several different roads leading to distinct places, a huge selection of vehicles plying the highways; these are the elements that draw the scene with the typical Pasay rotonda.

To the normal man in the street, not much are visible Pasay rotonda. In fact , you cannot find any trace of any plaza at all. Appropriately, the content in the middle of the crossing serves as the rotonda itself. Searching closer, almost all you'll see is a live show of the modern age, busy and always on-the-go. Almost all the properties around the location have already been replace by new companies, well, practically.

Round-and-about the Rotonda

Located with the east bound side in the Taft Opportunity, Rotonda Resort has was there since the early 70s. Compared to different hotels around the area, this kind of hotel boasts of its traditional walls since it withstood the changing times.

" This kind of hotel has been in business for 25 years, it is often to different renovations and repairs, but the building still stands, ” explained Tina Abastillas, employee inside the Rotonda Hotel.

Even though old and quaint, the hotel is still frequented by simply patrons in the area due to its cheap prices and very good service. Another attraction that could catch one's eyes is a yellow automobile hanging from your second flooring of a building which was earlier a pub named route 99. Abastillas explains the fact that bar was also held by the owner of the Plaza hotel. However the bar had been closed and was already replaced with a comfort store, the automobile still stayed at there.

Joining the bandwagon is definitely Fely's canteen, formerly called Pasay Plazoleta canteen, that can be in business to get 20 years. Although the owner plus the name from the place have been changed, the place where its stands still discuss about it history itself.

Apart from the few establishments that withstood the hard times, there is but two who lose interest witness towards the history of...