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Valeria Interiano

Mr. Tang

Astronomy - A

18 August 2014


Fascination to get the Heavens

Georg C. Lichtenberg, a German science tecnistions, once explained, " Astronomy is perhaps the science

whose discoveries owe least to probability, in which human being understanding shows up in its whole magnitude, and through which guy can ideal learn how tiny he is. ” This displays how astronomy is full of insider secrets, which we certainly have not yet uncovered; therefore each day we reveal something a lot more fascinating regarding it. Even though " astronomy is among the oldest sciences” (Astronomy 2), we are definately not reaching a summary about space, the atmosphere, the heavens and other factors beyond Globe.

Since the 20th century, there were thousands of hypotheses that made up space as well as the universe. Researchers like Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton and Edwin Hubble have helped clarify a few important facts about the world, which have been widened through the use of fresh developments just like the telescope and computer or analytical versions, which help illustrate astronomical items and phenomenons. As new scientists happen, past theories like geocentricism have been contradicted and changed by better and more fitted theories just like heliocentricism. This is one way astronomy advances into a more specific and known science, which in turn motivates human beings to research the make sense regarding it in order to make an effort to reach a conclusion. Additionally , astronomy could be credited pertaining to uniting diverse cultures, because it has been a prevalent ground in several cultures like Babylonians, Greeks and Romans (Hofstätter, Jones


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2). They all have employed the moon and the sunshine in order to enhance their life-style. For instance , the Babylonians used the moon to create a calendar, which usually caused a big progress in their agricultural expertise, just like the Egyptians created a appointments by looking with the sun. Despite the fact that, both have got different uses of astronomical aspects, each of them have been able to apply those to their daily lives in order to become more effective and they every have the same huge curiosity, which usually none in the cultures can be to satisfy.

One of the main fascinations in astronomy is the idea of reaching the unreachable and knowing the unknown. This concept is what has enthusiastic scientists to saying that " we can be proud of 1 achievement: that our planet has developed a life- form that can gaze out into the World - and question what all means” (Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest, 9). Curiosity and ambition include pushed humanity to learn regarding the Galaxy and anything that has to do with it in order to reach a final summary which may response some inquiries and satisfy inquisitiveness. When ever reading the introduction to astronomy by Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest, we recognize how much hard work humanity features given in so that it will discover where we are derived from and how we are here, yet scientists have been able to claim that " today, we have come to a humbling perspective within the Cosmos. The Earth is a typical planet, circling a middle-aged star in an unremarkable galaxy” (Heather Depouiller and Nigel Henbest, 9). This is a very vague idea of what the World really is, good results . the help of technology and photography advancements, which can be being made each day, new approachments keep on increasing the fascinating philosophy to humanity's minds.

Astronomy does not enthrall humanity because of their ability to stir up our fascination and force us to learn more about the not known, but also because it offers helped humanity evolve


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and create unanimity between nationalities in the past and the present. Mankind has made a lot of progress, since they did start to give the analyze of the skies more curiosity. Before, a few cultures experienced ideas or perhaps theories which can be now thought to be ridiculous. For example , " In certain cultures back in the day when males thought that the sky was performed of stone” (Meteorites and Metallurgy, 19). Obviously idea is really aged,...

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