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п»їComparative Essay- Bill Wilson

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What are the differences, similarities between the Paleolithic and Neolithic human being eras? Through this essay all of us will happen how every group survived, lived, created, traveled and died. The Paleolithic Age or Old Stone Age, is a period of prehistory via about installment payments on your 6 mil years ago to 10, 500 years ago. The Neolithic Era or New Stone Age commenced around 12, 000 BC and ended between 4500 and 2k BC in several parts of the world. In the Paleolithic era, there are more than one man species nevertheless only one survived until the Neolithic era. Paleolithic humans lived in small groups. They applied primitive stone tools and their survival depended on their environment and local climate. Neolithic human beings discovered agriculture and animal care, which will allowed these to settle down in a single area.

Paleolithic Art is art that was made about thirty-two, 000 to 11, 500 years ago. The ability of the Paleolithic period declines into two main categories: portable bits, such as little figurines or perhaps decorated objects, and cave art. Paleolithic art generally depicting family pets or individuals, or non-figurative, taking the form of signs and symbols. The art of the Paleolithic period was carved away of bone, antler, or perhaps stone, or perhaps modeled in clay. This kind of art have been found in most of Europe, in Northern The african continent, and in Siberia. Neolithic Fine art is the skill and structure of the prehistoric period stretching roughly from 7000 to 3000 BC. Neolithic art was primarily pottery and architecture. By the Neolithic grow older the advances in technology just like farming, weaving cloth, the associated with pottery as well as the construction of structures including Stonehenge, indicate that humankind begin to settle and develop their terrain.

When it came to your survival the new species was your more efficient. The Neolithic people lived in dirt brick homes that were supported by wood. The Paleolithic persons lived generally in caverns or huts/tents made out of skin. The Paleolithic people needed to be more flexible in where...