Essay by using an Emerging Trend in Education: the Online Classroom

An Emerging Trend in Education: the Online Class

An Emerging Trend in Education: The internet classroom

Phillip Stuart

Lincoln Memorial University or college

Trends and Issues within just Educational Technologies

EDL - 872

Dr . Chris Henderson

July summer, 2012

An Emerging Trend in Education: The web classroom

The National Technology Foundation, which usually managed the net in the early years, forbidden using it pertaining to commercial purposes until 1993, when it lifted the bar. This resulted in the growth of the World Wide Internet, with its user-friendly features and colorful images. Over time, the web became a massive electronic library of information. This kind of enormous amount of information made accessible through the Net made the medium more attractive since an educational tool for elementary, secondary, and university classrooms. May be the future of education in the hands of the virtual classroom? How did we have this significantly? Are there significance for future use, and/or we on a dead-end course? This study paper will trace the development of the online classroom and ramifications for foreseeable future use along with some pros and cons. The Development of the Online Classroom

According to Joe Cardy, (Cardy, June, 2009):

In spite of their apparent latest popularity, length education strategies can be followed back greater than a hundred years for the 19th century when advancements in postal services paved the way to get correspondence courses. Since these types of early days, length educational development can be monitored through five different phases or generations. Keep in mind that every generation was not eliminated by the next but rather accumulated and persisted with the newly growing versions. Communication Education

This sort of education was based on produce and the nota delivery system. Students could complete a newspaper version of a lesson, mail it back, and receive the graded paper along with the next lesson. This process continuing until the program was completed. Multi-media version

This model combined print, audiotape, videotape, and computer-disc systems. The learner would choose the material, browse it, and any activities on their own. Learning a foreign language by playing tapes in the car and completing a workbook is an example of this type of software. Tele-learning version

This model applied synchronous sales and marketing communications using available technologies such as videoconferencing. This kind of technology can be used by the University or college of New york to link its key campus to other expansion of the college or university. The program is offered on the main campus when students by other UNC campuses enjoy in real time. This method is being used by other huge schools to train other campuses throughout all their respective says. Flexible Learning model

The[desktop] uses active media that is delivered throughout the internet forr online delivery. It also contains computer-mediated marketing communications Intelligent Versatile Learning unit

The main big difference between it and the flexible learning style is grounds portal get which gives pupils and faculty usage of the college or university. This involves 24-7 interactivity using components of the university. It absolutely was with the konzentrationsausgleich of personal computers in the 1980's, linked by the Internet, that spurred online learning applications. Over time, the world wide web has become a significant electronic collection of information thanks to the advances that linked several websites. The vast amount of information available throughout the Internet built the moderate attractive because an educational tool and spurred the use of technology in elementary, extra and college or university classrooms (Shane, 2012). Potential Benefits and Challenges

The world wide web provides an suitable opportunity to give attention to key aspects of the kindergarten and pre-school curriculum just like emerging literacy and math skills. On the net mathematics actions can provide practice with patterning, numerical associations, sequencing, three dimensional manipulatives, and classification (Schanen, March 2003). Steve Lohr (Lohr, 2009),...

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