Essay regarding Alfred Wegener on the Continental Drift

Alfred Wegener on the Continental Drift

Who is the science tecnistions who did much of the early on work on continental drift? In the early twentieth century, German born scientist Alfred Wegener posted a book outlining his theory that the ls landmasses, far from being immovable, were drifting over the Earth.

What evidence did this science tecnistions have to support his idea of continental wander?

Wegener realized that the continents seemed to aligned, not in the continuously changing shoreline, nevertheless at the border to their continental shelves. He derived this hypothesis from your observation the fact that continents inside the southern hemisphere exhibit an identical pattern of rock and fossils known as the " Goodwin sequence". The most logical description was that the continents themselves were when parts of a much larger " super-continent" which has been named Pangaea. A second idea supporting movements of the continents was the distante till debris in the the southern part of hemisphere. With all the continents inside their present positions, the until deposits reveal erratic glacier motion. When the continents happen to be fitted collectively, they show a much more streamlined motion of the glacier via southern The african continent and Northern Australia facing outward. Why was the idea of ls drift not really initially accepted by many various other scientists and the general public during the time? Since his ideas questioned scientists in geology, geophysics, zoogeography and paleontology, that demonstrates the reactions of different communities of scientists. The reactions by the leading specialists in the several disciplines was so good and so adverse that serious discussion of the style stopped. So what happened to change householder's views and lead them to have confidence in continental wander? In spite of the criticisms from several different professions Wegener surely could keep Continental Drift part of the discussion till his death. He recognized that any argument based simply around the jigsaw fit of the prude could easily be discussed away as a coincidence. To strengthen his circumstance he...