Akij Particle Board Generators Ltd Composition

Akij Molecule Board Mills Ltd

One of the leading particle board manufacturer in Bangladesh, manufacturing basic particle board of plant capacity 160cubic meters/day, MDF of herb capacity70 cubic meters/day, veneer laminated particle board, melamine laminated board. Foil daily news lamination, Modular furniture's element, with border banding, through feed going, grooving, router cutting to get fixing components and post forming surfaces manufacturer. Eliminate doors (Boiling waterproof, hot water resistance and moisture resistance grade doors)Flush doors with one hour and half an hour fire retardant doors producer. Panel doors, blocks board (Boiling water-proof, boiling water amount of resistance Grade boards) and particle board.

Personal duties/responsibilities:

Overall control over factory which includes production, Quality control, Protection and Operations. Detecting the bottleneck of the plant and solving for smooth and maximum development. Solving technological & top quality problems arising during production. Directs and coordinates, through subordinate relief personnel, actions concerned with development of company product(s), making use of knowledge of product technology, development methods and procedures, and capabilities of machines and equipment. Confers with managing personnel to ascertain production and quality control standards, develop budget and cost regulates, and to get hold of data with regards to types, quantities, specifications, and delivery schedules of products ordered. Plans and directs production activities and establishes creation priorities for products in line with effective procedures and expense factors. Coordinates production activities with procurement, maintenance, and quality control activities to obtain optimum production and using human resources, equipment, and gear. Reviews and analyzes creation, quality control, maintenance, and operational reports to determine reasons for non-conformity with product specifications, and functioning or production problems. Evolves and tools...