Essay in Adjectives


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Khalaf Ibrahim, December 2014



This study discusses you will of adjectives in The english language. It is aimed at reviewing the functions of adjectives and to evaluate different types and uses of adjectives, and counting because of their form and function. The research gives analysis of adjectives. That discusses the form and function of adjectives that could be challenging in many ways.

خلاصة البحث

هذا البحث يناقش خصائص الصفات في اللغة الإنجليزية. فهو يهدف إلى استعراض خصائص هذه الصفات وتحليل أنواعها والاستخدامات المختلفة لها ، وحساب شكلها ووظيفتها. فالبحث يوفر تحليل الصفات. ويناقش صيغة و وظيفة الصفات التي يمكن أن تكون إشكالية في نواح كثيرة.




The present research is concerned with English adjectives. It is targeted on a number of issues relevant to the form and function of adjectives. Adjectives constitute alarge category and therefore the rules to get formulating and using them along with their analysis received due interest grammatical research. 1 . 1 ) Research Difficulty:

Adjectives may be both attributive and predicative. This means that we can say both the mansion, and the home is big; or the interesting book and the book is definitely interesting. The shape of Adjectives could also be problematic as noticed in adjectives you start with the notification a can not be used attributively for example , we are able to say the lady is asleep but not the asleep woman; or the dog is in but not the alive creature. As found from the examples mentioned above, the form and function of adjectives could possibly be problematic in many ways. The present research attempts to trace and check out the problem resulting from the unevenness of the form and function of adjectives.

1 . 2 . Study Objectives:

The search aims at achieving the subsequent objectives:

1- Reviewing the characteristics of adjectives. �

2- To analyze different kinds and uses of adjectives.

3- To count most adjectives and to group most adjectives relating to their semantic category. 4- Explaining the role of adjectives in written talk.

1 . three or more. Research Technique:

The specialist will use the analytical descriptive method and collects his data through access to most references and scientific research, periodicals and web sites.

1 . 4. Research Scope:

The word " adjective” applies to a large of range in Linguistic research its form and performance reveal a variety of information nevertheless this research in restricted to those attribute which are common frequent.

1 . a few. Research Value

This studies important because it could present information and analysis from the characteristics of adjective. It might also...

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