Activity several. 1 . one particular Cancer Analysis Paper

Activity 3. 1 . 1 Cancer


Activity 3. 1 . 1: Student Data Linen

Brand of Person:

Age Diagnosed with Cancer:

Sort of Cancer:

Likely Risk Elements:

Other Pertinent Information:

Amy Johnson



68 Years Old

Breast Cancer

(Stage 3)

Did not possess children right up until they were within their late thirties Was a cigarette smoker until the girl was 45 and drinks alcohol socially.

Mother and sister the two had breast cancer

Genetic testing done for 25.

Handed down a mutated BRCA1 gene = improved chance of producing breast cancer. tumor was cancerous

Cancer spread to her liver organ

Rosemary Garcia



8 Years of age

Acute Lymphocytic


Rosemary's mom expressed concerns that the girl had been confronted with radiation throughout the beginning a few months of her pregnancy. expanding swollen lymph nodes about her the neck and throat and in her underarms Clinically diagnosed within a month.

Variety of chemotherapy treatments

Claire Greene

(Caucasian Parents)

73 Years Old

Overdue stage Bladder Cancer

Father passed away of intestines cancer.

Recently stopped smoking at 55.

Bladder was surgically eliminated.

Worked on the farm till his sixties.

Given chemotherapy, but malignancy spread to his bones already

Died a year and a half after the prognosis.

Chloe Manning

(African-American Heritage)

4 Years of age

Childhood Medulloblastoma

Trouble going for walks

Losing her balance

Throwing up

Frequently sleeping a lot.

Doctor was not capable to remove the entire tumor

Quickly spread to spine.

Chloe died at the age of six.

History of high blood pressure in family.

Kyle Li

(Chinese Heritage)

14 Years Old


pain in the knee, joint developed a limp.

tired and begun to lose weight

Cared for with radiation treatment

No great cancer in family.

Jones Adams

(Caucasian Heritage)

twenty one Years Old



lump in his testicle that was causing him pain.

medical procedures to remove the testicle and was given radiotherapy father experienced testicular cancers when he was younger

Clarence Major

(African- American Heritage)

65 Years Old

Colon Malignancy

At 53, he was clinically diagnosed w/ diabetes.

Removed the cancer cellular material and remedied w/ the radiation.

Smoked aged was a heavy drinker.

Small business operator and was active in community.

Died w/in a couple of years: Heart attack.

Erin Harris

(Caucasian Heritage)

32 Years Old


Put in a lot of time sun bathing.

Extraordinarily shaped & discolored gopher on her neck of the guitar.

Older sis Emily experienced: Basal Cellular Carcinoma.

Most cancers was in initial phases

Now would wear sunscreen & avoids increased UV coverage.

Christina Martinez

(Puerto Rican Heritage)

thirty eight Years Old



Sexually transmitted contamination in her during a routine pap smear. Trying to stop smoking cigarettes for the last five years.

Stringent Vegan diet.

Has a muslim pap smears.

Cryosurgery utilized to remove the precancerous skin cells.

Henry Cho

(Korean Heritage)

11 Years of age

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma,

Night sweating, coughing a lot & having difficulty breathing.

Began to feel itching all of the time.

Henry's grandfather, perished from Pancreatic Cancer by 71.

The radiation & Chemotherapy treatments put him in remission.

Relapsed four years later

Received an autologous transplant.

Daniel Robinson

(African-American Heritag)

52 Years Old



hypertension medicine

Jasmine Thomas

What trends or patterns do you see?

Summary Question

1 ) What results can you bring about who is at risk intended for developing cancer?

2 . Do they offer a way to predict who will be going to acquire cancer, when they will get that, and which kind of cancer it will probably be? Why or perhaps why not?

several. How do you think a person's way of life can affect their chances of expanding cancer?