An Intro to the Essay on this issue of Guns in America


my discursive essay I have selected “Guns in America” and can look at the

licensing laws and some reasons behind all of the gun-related deaths.America is usually in a deadly romance with firearms

which kill practically 35 000 persons each year. Many blame the “bloodstream soaked

statistics” on the community’s weakest gun laws and regulations, while some blame it on the guns,

the culture and even just terrible parenting.America is probably the world’s richest countries but

it gets the world’s weakest gun regulations. Some persons blame this for all the

gun-related deaths. Gun related deaths in the uk and Australia have

decreased dramatically therefore of stricter gun regulations following the Dunblane

and Port Arthur massacres. This implies that countries much less rich and powerful

as America did something to avoid it from happening once again where as one

of the richest and most powerful countries did nothing to prevent

massacres happening again.It took 12 years after President Regan narrowly

escaped an assassination attempt for Congress to complete the Brady Expenses (A 5-day

waiting period and criminal background checks of prospective