An Experiment Showing the various Emission Spectra of Chemical substances and Elements

This lab was conducted showing the emission spectra of several chemicals and factors through flame exams and emission tubes. Emission spectra may be used to classify and in addition identify factors and compounds.II. For flame tests, many salts had been burned and the hues produced were noticed. Emission tubes and a spectroscope (which runs on the diffraction prism to “split” obvious light into different colors III.) were used to decide atomic emission, and the hues and wavelengths were documented. The Rydberg equation was as well used to compare noticed and calculated wavelengths of hydrogen.I.


For the flame tests, different salts were used, comprising CaCl2, CuCl2, KCl, NaCl, and LiCl, along with two see glasses, a bunsen burner, nichrome cable and an inoculator deal with, and HCl. 1 mL of HCl was poured in another of the check out glasses, and the nichrome cable was dipped in it. Handful of CaCl2 was poured in to the various other watchglass and the nichrome cable was dipped in the salt. The cable with salt happened in the bunsen burner flame, and the shades produced were noticed and recorded. This technique was repeated challenging other salts. To