An Argument and only Making Prejudices in School

I result from a small village. Hannibal, MO, the boyhood residence of Mark Twain,

is described its say to fame as a sleepy area drowsing. Most absolutely he has

never been more accurate, because of this small enchanted river village has never awakened

total equality.

It is just a town full of ignorance, where no one has ever before thought twice of

sharing and spreading their sly feedback and idiotic judgements to anyone and

everyone who will listen, and a lot of people do. This is a town where fathers,

mothers, brothers, sisters, and grandparents educate their youngsters to ignore those

no-good niggers, avoid those half-breeds and present hell to anyone

nigger-lover who refuses to believe the reality. It sickens me.

This past year, we had an issue to handle at our university. It later became

known as The Cowboys vs. The Blacks, rather than has our institution been more

involved. The papers screamed of the hate, violence, and risk of gangs

that were corrupting our colleges; the halls rang with the lastest gossip on the

next big showdown. This problem