An Analysis of 1 of the largest Controversies of the 10 years, Euthanasia

One of the largest controversies of this 10 years is euthanasia. Euthanasia is definitely "inducing the painless

loss of life of a person for factors assumed to become merciful?(Henrickson and Martin 24). There are four

types of euthanasia voluntary and immediate, voluntary but indirect, direct but involuntary, and indirect

and involuntary. Voluntary and immediate euthanasia is certainly "chosen and completed by the patient.? Voluntary

but indirect euthanasia is chosen beforehand. Direct but involuntary euthanasia is done for the patient

without their demand. Indirect and involuntary euthanasia happens when a hospital decides that it is

time to eliminate life support (Fletcher 42-3).

Euthanasia could be traced dating back to to the ancient greek language and Roman civilizations. It was

sometimes allowed in these civilizations to greatly help others die. Voluntary euthanasia was approved in

these ancient societies. As period passed, religious beliefs increased, and existence was viewed to be sacred.

Euthanasia in virtually any form was viewed as wrong (Encarta 98).

In this century there were many groupings formed that will be for and against euthanasia. In 1935 the

first group that was for the legalization of euthanasia was produced. It had been called the Voluntary